Why A Pimple on Lip is caused?

There are many reasons that a pimple is caused, pimple don’t needs your permission to grow on any of your body part like it can suddenly appear on lip, nose, forehead or anywhere on the face. They are very similar to cold sores, there are many types of acne that we remain confused that which of the type we’re facing. Sometimes it’s blackhead or whitehead and sometimes it’s a pimple. There are many products to cure acne and its types but if you want to use any of them you need to concern with a doctor first then try any cream or lotion or whatever you want to use. You don’t need to try anything with your own opinion because sometimes pimples can be dangerous because they leave a mark on our skin and sometime the mark is removable otherwise we can’t remove it. Most of the people want to know the difference between the types of acne so we will discuss that topic in detail later on. When cold sores or pimples first appear they look like totally same so it’s very confusing for us that what kind of acne that is.

Types of acne

Acne is divided into two main groups:


  1. Inflammatory
  2. Non-inflammatory

These two are the basic groups of acne and these groups also have their types of acne. Non-inflammatory acne includes whiteheads and blackheads that are also known as comedones and inflammatory acne includes small and tiny type of acne like pustules, nodules and cysts. According to doctors non-inflammatory acne are not painful and red but on the other hand inflammatory acne is so painful, red and swollen. You must get a checkup from your doctor when any of the following types of acne is grown on your skin because sometimes each pimple or anything that grows on your skin due to dead skin cells or any other reason is harmful for you. So you should prevent it and give proper treatment to it. There are some of natural remedies that you can give them a try on your home, some of the following are listed below:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Honey mask
  • The land of milk and honey mixed together
  • Papaya ( can be useful some of the times )
  • Orange peel paste

There are many natural remedies that nobody would have been told you about them so far, so you should need to increase your knowledge about health by visiting our site to know about more topics like whitehead on lip or any topic regarding health.

Causes of pimple:

There are a lot of causes due to which a pimple grows on your skin, some main causes of acne are listed below:

Dead skin cells


Excess oil production




Clogged pores

These are some of the main causes that a pimple takes place on our skin. Everyone’s skin is different so if you want to try any of the home remedy then you should ask your doctor first. Please don’t forget to share us with your friends and also ask them to like us and share us on different social platforms.

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