Long term health solutions with Gateway Health

Long term health solutions with Gateway Health

Life is joyful and lovely only if you have good health. Taking care of your health means to provide health care solutions that add service and value.  The importance of good health can never be understated. Gateway Health Plan makes it possible to help you stay healthy.

Gateway Health:

Looking for a managed health care plan? Gateway Health is the solution. Gateway Health’s aim is to provide affordable and quality healthcare solutions to their members. They provide access to thousands of board certified doctors and other health care providers, hundreds of hospitals and home health care agencies and pharmacies. A variety of Gateway Health plan options is available for members eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. To make sure that their members’ are provided with best health care services, their large network makes it possible for them to access hospitals, physicians and health providers. Gateway services are available for young and Growing Up With Gateway or older and with chronic conditions.

Gateway Health plans:

Two main Gateway health plans are available namely:

  1. Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Plan
  2. Medicare Plan
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You can choose one according to your eligibility. Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Plan, for individuals and parents with children, provides coverage to members of Medical Assistance (Medicaid) Programs in Pennsylvania. Choices are present in this Gateway Health Plan from selecting pharmacy and primary care provider (PCP) to taking part in special events that help you to stay healthy.


Following are their products:

  • Chronic Special Needs Plans (SNPs)
  • Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans
  • Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Medicaid HMO plans

Extra benefits with health care plans:

They provide extra benefits with the health plan. Their benefits may differ according to the plan. These may include eye, dental and hearing coverage, quality and affordable plans, transportation services, low-cost drug prescriptions, no referrals to see a network specialist and allowance for health products.

Growing Up With Gateway (For Children):

Gateway cares for your children as well because parents want the best for their children’s health. You can select a pediatrician with Gateway Health. The pediatrician will be your child’s primary care physician (PCP). The benefit of selecting primary care physician is that he will know your child’s medical background and will keep track of the health status. If your child gets sick, you can contact the doctor anytime in a day or a week, and he will tell you what to do. If your child is in a need of a specialist, the doctor will give you a referral for one. You can also choose a dentist for your child with Gateway Health.  And if you need a dental specialist then the dentist will give a referral for one.

Preventative health guidelines:

Preventative health guidelines are available for the members of Gateway Health Organization as one of the keys to remaining healthy is maintaining your lifestyle and habits. These guidelines are available for both adults and children and give good results when followed properly.

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